Procter & Gamble’s Carrier of the Year: 2021

Walmart’s Diversity Carrier of the Year: 2009, 2011, 2015, and 2018.

P&G’s Best Customer On Time Delivery: 2017

Trio Enterprises

MBE Certified Businesses

Trio Enterprises, composed of asset-based Trio Trucking, Trio Intermodal, and Trio Logistics truly understands the needs our valued customers have for consistent excellence in transportation. It is our hallmark, our attitude, and our commitment to each and every customer – large or small. It has been our goal since our beginning in 1982 to provide the best in customer service and this, in turn,  has yielded strong relationships with both Fortune 100 companies and with our local communities in the great state of Ohio.

In addition, we are proud to be a Certified Minority Business Enterprise. We have grown exponentially due not only to our commitment to total customer satisfaction, but also attributable to the knowledge and experience of the entire Trio team. The people who make up the professional management team of Trio know the transportation business and have learned how to operate a successful and profitable Transportation Services Company through many years of hands-on experience.

We want to know, “How can we be of service to you?"


To be the Transportation Services entity our customers view as a high quality provider operating with strong ethical principles and a commitment to consistent long-term growth.


To be the Transportation Services entity committed to collaborating with our customer-partners to achieve innovative solutions to logistical challenges.


Ability to develop and implement Corporate Strategy • Employ the most qualified Management and Support Team in the industry • Build our business based on customer loyalty, quality service and competitive pricing

Trio Trucking

Trio Trucking is an Asset Based Trucking Company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio providing high quality Transportation Services since 1982 to our many valued customers, All Drivers are Company Employees and all equipment is truly "state of the art".

Trio is based in the Midwest and our service area is extensive and primarily services numerous Fortune 100 Shippers such as Procter & Gamble, Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, JM Smuckers Company, etc.

Trio Intermodal

Trio Intermodal is a truly First Class Intermodal Marketing Company with extensive Intermodal experience and operating contracts with all major US Railroads.

Trio Intermodal provides consistently reliable full service Door-to-Door Intermodal service throughout the whole of North America.

Trio Logistics

Trio Logistics is a quality Transportation Broker providing additional capacity to our customers for Dry Van Truckload and Refrigerated Truckload shipments moving To/From all points in the US.